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XO Alambic.

It's about agriculture. It's about alchemy. It's about time. 


200-litre Bespoke Barrel of Whisky

$1,995.00 $2,195.00

Own a custom-crafted barrel of whisky! 
Distilled for you on a bespoke basis in any style that you prefer: 

barrel................... $ 395.00 (includes shipping to distillery)

brewing................$ 900.00

distilling...............$ 900.00

total.....................$ 2195.00


XO Alambic (XOA) provides all labor, yeast, nutrients, enzymes, and cost of utilities.

Bespoke whisky client (VIP) covers the cost of all grain and adjuncts necessary to create the chosen style of whisky.

Whisky in a 53-gallon barrel (200 litres) shall be stored at 125 proof (62.5% ABV).

Whisky volume is covered by a surety bond, and is kept on the books of XOA until bottled.

Each barrel will yield 316 L (minus any evaporative loss) of whisky when reduced to beverage strength of 80 proof.

Each barrel shall yield about 421 750-ml bottles with a strength of 80 proof (40% ABV).

VIP is to provide or cover the cost of all bottles, corks, seals, and labels.

VIP, through XOA, is responsible for the payment of all taxes prior to taking possession of bottled whisky.

VIP may visit barrel as often as desired to sample progression of maturity and to verify safekeeping of whisky.

VIP has the sole discretion of determining when their whisky in barrel is to be bottled.

VIP may take possession of their empty barrel once their whisky has been bottled.

VIP may elect at any time to return their bottled product to the original barrel for additional maturation.

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