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XO Alambic.

It's about agriculture. It's about alchemy. It's about time. 


Clos Sainte-Rose XO Brandy 10YO ~ 375 ml


Released after ten years of maturity, Clos Sainte-Rose XO is one of America's most well-aged brandies.

Clos Sainte-Rose honours the historic Saint Rose Mission near Walla Walla, whose own French-Canadian clergy used brandy in place of red wine for the communion ceremony.

As wine did not respond well to heat and distances, the official communion wine reached the mission by wagon train in not-so-perfect condition.

In a fit of creativity, the priest's own personal supply of brandy was used one Sunday, noting that it, too, was made from winegrapes and entirely appropriate for the traditional sacrament.

Needless to say, not a seat was empty the following Sunday, and the tradition of brandy at communion continued without interruption!

Clos Sainte-Rose XO won a gold medal and was named 'Best Aged Spirit' at the NorthWest Wine & Spirits Summit in Hood River, Oregon! Further to those accolades, the alambic brandy won a gold medal from The Fifty Best in New York City, New York at their inaugural Brandies of the World tasting!

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